Our values

We are committed to the policies we develop for our clients, thus maintaining the highest standards of our operations and provided services.

Quality Policy

In order to ensure that our services meet our customers’ needs, we commit ourselves to the implementation of our company’s Quality Policy. The corresponding Quality Management System is reviewed at least once a year. Read more

Environmental Policy

We prove in practice our respect to the environment by having developed an Environmental Management System (EMS), which we apply to the operation of our company. The information and awareness of the company employees, as well as of the interested members, remains a key element of the policy we have adopted. Read more

Information Security Policy

NOSIS management and personnel are committed to the adoption of an effective Information Security Management System, in order to secure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, as well as the confirmation of its credibility toward its clients. Read more

Health and Safety at Work Policy

The issue of Health and Safety at Work constitutes a fundamental part of all of our activities and an essential responsibility both for the administration and for every employee in the company. We follow and apply the European and National legislation and we conduct ongoing research for the implementation of practices to minimize risks and hazards at the workplace. Read more